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Waste - A Potted History  

Waste - A Potted History

In line with the EC Waste Framework Directive 75/442/EEC (as amended in 91/156/EEC), the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, as with all other EU Member States have had to prepare Waste Management Strategies which would ensure the development of an integrated network of regional facilities and progress towards sustainability.

In 1999 Northern Ireland set in place a series of events which led to the publication of the first Waste Management Strategy in March 2000. This was updated in 2006 with the publication of "Towards Resource Management".

The aim of the N.I. Waste Strategy is to achieve fully sustainable waste management. Within the aims and objectives of the Strategy provisional targets were set out for waste reduction, recycling and recovery.

In the Republic of Ireland a number of regional strategies have been produced. They echo the themes of reduce, reuse, recycle & recovery identified as a key pillar of sustainable development.

Download N.I. Waste Strategy document for 2000
Download N.I. Waste Strategy document for 2006

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