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Waste - A Potted History

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Waste & You Dealing With Waste How Can You Help? Waste Management
Waste - A Potted History  

Waste Management

What Is Waste & Why Does It Matter Anyway?
Waste or rubbish is what you or I throw away because we no longer need it or want it. Almost everything we do creates waste and as a society we are currently producing more waste than ever before!

What Is Sustainable Waste?
The process of using up the earth’s natural resources to make products which we then throw away, sometimes a very short time later, is not sustainable – in other words it cannot continue indefinitely.
The way in which we consume materials will affect whether we have a sustainable society that leaves resources available for future generations to use. As consumers and producers, we are central to the concept of sustainability. We need to think about how we can use fewer resources, how we can make products last for longer, and how we can do better things with our so called waste than throw it away.

We need to see waste as a resource

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