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Waste - A Potted History

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Waste & You Dealing With Waste How Can You Help? Waste Management
Waste - A Potted History  

How Can You Help

There are a number of steps that you can take that will reduce the amount of waste we produce. Follow them and it could save you money, time and help others.
If everybody tried to do two or more things on the list below, we will help to reduce Ireland’s impact on the environment.

Accept Less Packaging
Buy your foodstuffs loose, where possible. Reuse plastic shopping bags.

Use Refills If Possible
Refills are available for many household products. Such as: foodstuffs, cleaning products, air fresheners etc.

Use Returnable Items
Milk and pop bottles are often sold on a returnable basis. Why not check out your local milkman? Chemists will reuse some medicine bottles.

Buy Recycled Products
Buy recycled products and support the recycling chain!

Compost Your Waste
Vegetables and small amounts of paper or card can be composted. Even in the smallest garden, you can compost your waste for fertilizer rather than buying fertilizer.

Recycle Your Waste
Find out where your nearest recycling banks are and use them.

Do You Need To Throw It Out?
If you are throwing out old furniture, beds or clothes, they could be put to good use by a local charity. Old furniture may be collected from your house if it can be reused.

If nothing else can be done with the waste, it then needs to be disposed of safely in a well managed landfill site.

You have the choice and power to make a real difference!

Remember to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

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