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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

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How many facilities are planned for Ireland?

There are four facilities planned for Ireland over the next two years.

How does the system work? (Click here to watch the Process Overview >)

The system works using our solid waste steam treatment and separation techniques. Untreated waste is fed into the system and transferred to autoclave chambers. Steam is injected into the autoclave at up to 160 degrees centigrade which breaks down all the cellulose material and sanitises it resulting in fibre flakes. The outputs are segregated into the fibres which can be converted into fuels or wood products. Other products are tin and plastic. The waste is reduced to 1/6 of its original volume.

How will the community become involved?

It is the company's core objective to develop a university linked research and development centre which will look at exploring and utilising innovative technologies in waste processing on at least two of the sites.

What will the facilities look like? (Click here to view images of the system >)

They will be custom built facilities designed to satisfy local needs or will utilise existing waste transfer sites. They will be utilitarian steel framed buildings.

Will there be high noise levels?

Noise levels will be negligible. All of our buildings have been designed with high level insulation to reduce heat and noise emissions.

Will the area smell or suffer from pollution?

No. Our odour abatement system includes up to six air changes per hour destroying bacterial smells ensuring plant emissions are kept to a minimum.

Will there be chances for employment?

Yes. There will be employment opportunities for mechanical, electrical and general process operatives on our sites, as well as the Re3 Environmental Apprenticeship scheme. We also intend to involve universities in our research and development process and also local children to educate them in the environmental process.

Will the steam process not waste huge amounts of water?

The process and plant rinse water will be removed from the autoclave and will also be recycled. Purification will also take place producing industrial grade or potable water for plant reuse.

Aren't we doing enough recycling already?

We as a nation are doing much better at recycling than previously, but landfill and incineration levels remain unacceptably high. This system is sustainable and gives us the ability to recover valuable recyclable materials.

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