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Re3 Press Launch Limerick
1st October 2008

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Re3 Group develops “world first” technology for steam treatment of waste at Limerick facility

State-of-the-art €15 million facility offers sustainable alternative to landfill and incineration

50 jobs within 12 months as Re3 Group partners with leading Irish environmental services provider Greyhound Recycling and Recovery Limited

Deborah Boyd
Above: Deborah Boyd (CEO Re3 Group Ltd)

Limerick, September 29th, 2008: The Re3 Group has today announced the development of world-first technology at a state-of-the-art facility in Limerick that will provide a revolutionary and sustainable new approach to the treatment of domestic and commercial waste.

The €15 million facility, which has been pioneered by the Irish company, will offer a sustainable alternative for the treatment of waste by utilising steam technology (autoclaving) that will recycle and recover up to 85% of waste that currently goes to landfill. The Re3 Group will create 50 jobs in all at the Limerick facility, some 20 of which will be created from the outset with a further 30 coming on stream within 12 months.

Announcing the investment, Re3 Group Chief Executive, Professor Debbie Boyd said: “The facility at the Galvone Industrial Estate in Limerick will be the showcase for this innovative new technology and there are already plans to develop it at other sites across the island of Ireland and worldwide.

“This world-first technology is the next generation in recycling and recovery. It has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of domestic waste and is a sustainable and clean alternative to both landfill and incineration. The process converts waste into an eco-fuel that is a real green-energy alternative to fossil fuels. It will, therefore, help avoid environmentally damaging emissions and support Ireland in meeting its international climate change obligations,” said Professor Boyd.

The process converts waste into a valuable inert bio-mass fuel, which will have a wide range of uses in heating and power generation, reducing the carbon footprint of Ireland, while at the same increasing the amount of recyclable materials that can be extracted.

“Household waste to landfill increased by 15% in 2006 alone in Ireland and the domestic recycling rate remains stubbornly unchanged at 22%. There is an urgent need for safe and sustainable treatment solutions which increase recycling and recovery rates. Indeed, without these solutions, the national target of 50% of household waste diversion from landfill will not be met and Ireland will face substantial fines from the European Union as a result. The Re3 Group has now created one of these solutions. “

“Our technology is a viable and clean alternative to both landfill and incineration.”

Professor Boyd said that the advanced steam treatment facility in Galvone, Limerick is in the final stages of commissioning and will be operational later this year.

Professor Boyd also announced a significant commercial partnership with the Greyhound Recycling and Recovery Limited, Ireland’s leading waste management and environmental services group, for the treatment of its waste at the site. “The innovative approach by Greyhound Recycling and Recovery Limited to waste management services is recognised the country over and we consider them a perfect partner here on this exciting initiative,” she concluded.

The Re3 Group is also happy to be associated and currently working with the Limerick Regeneration Agencies on the City’s south-side and Professor Boyd also said there will be a strong emphasis on providing local employment where possible. To that effect, one of the early and principal appointees is Plant Manager Ger Finnin, from Patrickswell and a native of Limerick City. Ger, who is qualified in electrical engineering , will be tasked with ensuring processes and procedures at the plant are all in place and operating swiftly so that the state-of-the-art facility is operating to its full efficiency once fully commissioned.

“I am delighted to be part of Re3. This is a hugely exciting initiative for the company, for its staff and, indeed, for Limerick. I have always had a strong interest in environmental matters and have been involved in various projects over the years in a private capacity to that effect. My work here now gives me an opportunity to contribute in a professional capacity as the Re3 facility is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to our very serious problem in Ireland with over-dependency on landfill. It is also going to provide a much better alternative to incineration and the company’s whole ethos is about finding renewable and environmentally friendly solutions for waste management in Ireland," he said.

”It’s a great success story and in the current economic downturn, that’s a rare thing and it’s great to be part of it.”


About the Re3 Group: The Re3 Group was established to identify and devise innovative, sustainable and advanced technologies for the treatment of solid waste. The Re3 Group is particularly committed to ongoing research and development into new and innovative applications of technology to waste handling, treatment, recycling and recovery of materials. The Re3 Group is led by Professor Deborah Boyd and is backed by international and Irish investors.

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