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Process Overview
The Re3
Marketable Resources +
The Wilson System

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At the end of the Re3 treatment process, waste has been transformed into valuable marketable resources, namely;


A key benefit of our technology is the production of a cellulose biomass fibre.

Biomass renewable Fibre contains approximately 0.12% sulphur, which is around 10% of the sulphur content of coal. It can be used for the following purposes;
Converted into gas to fuel engines and turbines.
The gas can be used as a primary fuel for generating electricity.
As a clean fuel in conventional boilers.
Can be used in Anaerobic Digestion to produce compost and methane gas efficiently.
As a substitute wood product when the fibre is combined with waste plastic giving options for alternative construction products.

 Recyclables are items that are extracted mechanically or manually from the fibre content of the treated waste. Principally they are made up of:
Clean aluminium – aluminium is stripped of all lacquer and tin is de-labelled.
Steel cans - stripped of all lacquer and tin is de-labelled.
Ferrous metal – steam cleaned and flattened in the rotation leading to more efficient recycling.
Plastics – are softened and collapsed by the steam in the autoclave and can be used in the reproduction of bottles and fibres for clothes.
Glass, rubble & stone – these make up less than 20% and are sent to landfill.
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