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Re3 is a progressive, innovative company with a clear vision and purpose.

Confident in our people and our recycling technologies, we are building a new industry for a new generation.

Image of Brendan Hughes, Deborah Boyd, Brian Shanley 
Brendan Hughes (US Shareholder), Deborah Boyd (CEO Re3 Group), Brian Shanley (Technical Director Re3 Group)

Our corporate objectives include:

Establishing Re3 and The Wilson System as the first choice for recycling waste recovery and treatment facilities in Ireland and the world.
Reducing everyone's carbon emissions by improving recycling and recovery rates and the world’s reliance on landfill and incineration.
Developing university-linked Research and Development Centres so we can bring more eco-friendly technologies and innovations to the world.
Creating a National Re3 Training and Education Facility where students will acquire the skills and expertise they need to introduce, operate and maintain Re3 Recycling and Power Generation Technologies.
Developing Education and Awareness Centres where you can learn more about our planet and Re3’s approach to responsible Earth stewardship.
Contact Re3 NI Office
65 Legacorry Road
Richhill, Co. Armagh
N.Ireland BT61 9LF
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